emulation of an effect from 3ds max in unity3d – timeline: 3 days

how it works

the effect uses two textures, one of which being the UV-map (or in this case, due to time pressure, a one-way crossed-through grid), and the other one being a texture with squigly lines. this texture has two frames, as if it is a spritesheet.

the distortion texture’s UV co√∂rdinates are modified every frame to swap between frames of the distortion texture to make the lines animated. added to this modification is a random float amount to break up the monotony of a 2-frame animation, making it look completely different every frame despite only using 2 frames.


performance note

this effect wasn’t well optimised, due to a short turnaround time and being made for a small game with scenes not much larger as the image pictured.


example image, taken in 3Ds MAX, that was supplied to use as inspiration. one-on-one copy wasn’t expected, and limited budget was provided.